Who we are

Established in 2000 by Dan Alexander, founder and Chief Director of Strategy and Innovation, Dan Alexander & Co. is a multidisciplinary award winning creatives house, operating from Tel Aviv, Paris and Belgrade. Specializing in innovation strategy, brand positioning and identity design, we are an innovation entrepreneurial greenhouse, renowned for Dan Alexander’s astute positioning approach Business Creation, a unique methodology we employ for grasping, conceiving and generating an effective brand strategy, powered to transport our clients to the frontier of their businesses. The Business Creation method has evolved from Dan Alexander’s extensive experience in consumerist positioning, coupled with an innate insightfulness that is capable of capturing the core actionable concept for each product or organization.

The company comprises several expert divisions specializing in market trends, innovation forecasting and aesthetics identity positioning, and also includes à point books publishing house, and the Odéon eco-innovations group.

Our authority is to conceptually uncover the latent distinctness of any product or service, and to then aesthetically phrase it within a commercially transforming strategy.

What makes us tick

We are privileged to work with a wide scope of clients, continually challenging us to develop an insightful understanding of trend lifecycles and to sharpen our intuitive commercial instincts. Led by Dan Alexander, our teams are geared at identity-gauging, commercial image-scoring and creative innovation. For each client, we diagnose that resonating identity, which best conveys their distinct essence, establishing their unique and evocative commercial melody.

Always excited to engage in the intricate effort of identifying a winning typology, we are very passionate, extremely responsive, totally unbiased and profoundly knowledgeable. Backed by focused research, we intertwine the worlds of visual connotations and symbolism with that of practical business tactics, to attain a comprehensive grasp of core values. This induces complete pertinence between the aesthetic language and the commercial messaging, yielding a visual identity supported by a positioning strategy that is fresh, thrilling and attention grabbing.