Business Creation

Our New Method of Rethinking Branding

The Methodology

“Business Creation” – innovative strategic guidance is Dan Alexander’s new method of rethinking branding – Innovative strategic guidance for brand identity and corporate positioning, by quantifying commercial attitudes and insightful forecasting of business trends. Research and market familiarity is at the heart of our strategic thinking. Our strength lies in our ability to complement research with insightful observation and inventive creativity. These uncover the client’s long forgotten attributes, exposing market-vital essences as materials for the construction of essential tactic actionable.

Business insightfulness alongside a sharp aesthetic vision has allowed DAITD to support our clients by delivering the visual identity they require and directing them along their commercial path. Owing to our Business Creation methodology we identify the core visual terminologies by which our clients and consumers perceive a product or service. These essences are placed in their relevant local and international contexts, and restructured to create a harmonious and seamless conceptual > visual > commercial premise.

The 10 Steps of Business Creation

Step 1:

Existence & Reality


Step 2:

Intellectual Steps

Strategic Research

Step 3:

The classical features and the potential

Studies conclusions and identifying an idea

Step 4:

Causal and local variables

Defining the brand and its position in space

Step 5:

Visuality and causality

Searching for Inspiration

Step 6:

Points in space

Building a network of visual ideas

Step 7:

Coordinates of consciousness

Examining the ideological direction against the results of the study

Step 8:

Existence and reality of an identity

Forming a brand identity system

Step 9:

New formulations of reality

Implementing the process and emerging into the world

Step 10:

The Future