These laws reflect a certain relationship between the stimulus and buy robaxin canada online the response of excitable tissue. By the laws of irritation include: the law of force, the law of "all or nothing" law irritation DuBois-Reymond (accommodation), the law of force-time (strength-duration), the law of the polar effect of constant current law physiological electrotonus.Act strength: the strength of the stimulus is more, the greater the buy effexor online response. In accordance with this law operates skeletal muscle. The amplitude of its contractions gradually increases with the strength of the stimulus until a maximum value. This is because the skeletal muscle consists of a plurality of muscle fibers having different excitability. On the threshold stimuli are only responsible fibers having the highest excitability, muscle amplitude sokrascheniyapri this is minimal. Increasing the strength of the stimulus leads to the gradual involvement of fibers having less anxiety, and the amplitude of the muscle contraction increases. When the reaction involves all muscle fibers of the muscles and further improving strength of the stimulus does not result in an increase in the amplitude of contraction.
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