“Like everything metaphysical, the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language”

— Ludwig Wittgenstein

What interests us most is how technology and design connect, and then our friends from Epistema came along, pushing the gates wide-open for us to enter into the incredible world of information and research. Epistema revives the power of the human dialog and the communication between analysts, as an alternative to the facts of data that independently output by computers. Epistema offers a new perception for a future dialectic multilogue, enabling the individual a different way of thinking.

At Dan Alexander, we successfully extracted the formula which stands at the basis of complex analyst thought and complex philological perceptions. Positioned at the forefront of Knowledge Analytics, we solidified Epistema’s strategy creatively, anchored by the worlds of AI/HI, language, kinetics, knowledge, and collaboration.

The visual language we developed evolved out of advanced geometric inspirations and influences, optikinetics, Plato’s five platonic solids, and multistable structures. The distinct brand language that we devised is primarily motion-based, employing dynamic shapes and forms. It expresses Epistema’s core capacity to produce though which is relevant, ultimately accurate as it is up-to-date, and futuristic, the type of thought that break free from the bounds of their own personal conscious. A salvation from the solitude of thought.