Floralis, 2015

“The passage of time (my History) leaves behind a residue that accumulates: photographs, drawings, the corpses of long since dried-up felt pens, shirts, non-returnable glasses and returnable glasses, cigar wrappers, tins, erasers, postcards, books, dust and knickknacks: this is what I call my fortune.”

Georges Perec, Species of Spaces

The well-established Floralis home design brand is synonymous with quality. Its charismatic products act as a catalyst for inspiration, creativity, and personal expression through their stylistic richness, as well as the great breadth, variety, and diversity of the Floralis collection. Floralis presents creative and work environments.

Dan Alexander & Co. devised a new approach to these products, viewing them as a means of personal expression born out of emotion and creativity in order to convey messages and spark the imagination. Our work process included developing a strategy and work formula, updating the company logo, and creating a new visual language for the brand based on the values of creativity, richness, and variety.