Legami — unbreakable bond

Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a Diamond in the Rough.

— Mary McLeod Bethune

Legami, which means Bond, is trailblazing the rough diamond jewelry industry. It creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that represent unbreakable bonds between people. The pure untouched rock is combined with the timeless essence of Legami’s knot designs, to symbolize how real connections tie together forever in an unbreakable bond.

Dan Alexander and Co. took this brand from zero to hero. We partnered with Legami from its early inception, and drove the brand forward all the way to its international launch. By uncovering Legami’s core DNA, we emphasized the authenticity of rough diamonds that are left in their natural form within the brand’s knot motifs. This defined the brand’s overarching narrative as Unbreakable Bond. The strategic framework we built around this concept positioned Legami as an innovator in the rough diamond industry, which is traditionally a very conservative market.

The visual language we developed focuses on expressing people’s feeling through matter. The brand is for people, and is all about the bonds created between people. We folded into one the styles of roughness and refinement, bulkiness and delicate features, to bring together savage essences touched by the profound sense of a true unbreakable bond. The brand creates a community of people that give and wear Legami to visibly show their bond, and express their unbreakable bond.

The insight of our creative strategy inspired the brand’s entire manufacturing processes and designs. The Legami concept we developed included the visual language and art direction, expressed in all the brand items and in Legami’s e-commerce website, which doubles as a smart store and as a single-source for all of the brand’s unique narrative.

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