Fancy Color Diamonds — The Pricing Architecture

Following the international success of his first book, which positioned Eden Rachminov in the color diamonds market, and after a decade-long research in the field, a second book in the series is now being launched, Fancy Color Diamonds – The Pricing Architecture. This new publication introduces a breakthrough methodology for evaluating colored diamonds, and serves as the first-of-its-kind practical tool for an accurate and updated pricing system, presented in a refined format that honors all those involved in creating these gems.

At Dan Alexander and Co., we edited and designed the book by applying a scientific and technical approach, as the leading concept for showcasing crucial information in an innovative and groundbreaking display. This made the book one of the most important documents in the diamond industry. The book is accompanied by illustrations in pencil and aquarelle, alongside photos of color diamonds in all stages of their creation, from rough to brilliant.

An appendix accompanies the book, and serves a pioneering first-of-its-kind tool for professionals in the field, sharing with them the formulas of an advanced systemized pricing methodology.

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