Rituel — Par Christophe Vasseur

Many consider Christophe Vasseur to be the best bread baker in Paris – not to mention the best baker in France and even the entire world. As he follows in the footsteps of history’s greatest French bakers, he is widely applauded as their worthy successor.

In 2002, Vasseur opened a small neighborhood bakery in the 10th arrondissement of Paris under the name Du Pain et Des Idées (“Bread and Ideas”). Here, he still bakes unique breads and pastries by hand, using only traditional methods. Every delicious creation is made from his famous puff pastry, in a process lasting nearly 36 hours.

After this modest Paris bakery was ranked among the world’s top ten bakeries, and following years in which Vasseur was reluctant to expand its activities, he recently opened a new boulangerie in Tokyo. Another branch will open this fall in Tokyo’s prestigious shopping district.

Dan Alexander & Co. was invited to shape the concept for this new brand and to formulate a strategy for the entire initiative. Alexander suggested the brand name Rituel, developed a concept and strategy, and created a logo, graphic language, packaging, and unique brand identity. The name Rituel evokes the little everyday rituals that permeate French culture, drawing parallels with the time-honored daily customs of Japan. For the first time, it presents the Japanese public with a unique perspective of the master baker in a very contemporary package.

Accompanying illustrations by Japanese artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki, Interior spaces designed by French architectural group Atelier Giguet.

*Some images are taken from the internet and are for illustration purposes only.