PSES | Tel-Aviv University

PSES, 2014

The Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University is the first academic forum in Israel dedicated entirely to the environment as a discipline.
The school’s uniqueness lies in its multidisciplinary academic approach, and is one of the only schools of its type in the world that integrates a multidisciplinary method, developing patterns of thinking and new scientific fields, thereby creating a revolution in environmental thought and action, and infiltrating the consciousness with a basic understanding of the strong connection between the environment and every aspect of our lives.

The Dan Alexander & Co team was called upon to consolidate a strategic approach, image and design language, positioning the school as an icon and breakthrough concept in academia and the environmental field.

The process included in-depth research, defining the school’s worldview and values, positioning the iconic building as “The Capsule”, and creation of a logo and comprehensive visual language, including development of an exclusive font inspired by the unique architectonic structure of the school.