The world is changing rapidly. Throughout history, people have always searched for next-frontier products that will take them forward into a better future.

Yet, releasing new and exciting innovations is always stalled because of one heavy bottleneck: chip verification. It is notoriously time consuming and highly expensive, requiring months (often even years) to complete, and culminating in billions $ every year.

This is where Vtool comes in. Unveiled this week, Vtool is a simple and efficient visually-based chip verification solution. It provides a complete verification solution, built of three powerful tools in one plug-and-play platform.

At Dan Alexander & Co. we are honored and excited to work with Vtool since its inception, creating its complete design concept, coupled by a groundbreaking strategic approach that transforms all industry standards in this field. To make Vtool’s technological solutions easy to understand, the visual language we created enables a direct dialogue between the software and its users. Our challenge was to give a visual representation to a complex technological language, so it can be communicated out in a simple and fun way, for users of different expertise levels.

Our work process also included brand strategy, name and logo, interactive website, short film, expo booth concept and design, and additional PR materials.

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