The world is changing rapidly. Throughout history, people have always been searching for the next product that will take them another step toward a better, more convenient future.

Simply put, chip verification is THE bottleneck when releasing exciting new products. The verification process is notoriously expensive and time-consuming, wasting months and even years, while costing billions of dollars on an annual basis.

Introducing Vtool: the visual, simple, and efficient chip verification program.

Vtool features all the verification tools you need in one plug-and-play platform, with smart solutions just a click away. So let Vtool be the product that helps you take your next step toward the future.

Dan Alexander & Co. devised a groundbreaking approach to this revolutionary program. We developed a marketing and strategic design concept aimed at changing consumers’ perceptions of this field, with a new visual language inspired by a superhero theme. Our work process also included: a brand strategy and work formula, name and logo, interactive website, short film presenting the product, expo booth concept and design (Booth production in collaboration with Kadmon Brin)
, and additional PR materials.

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