About Dan Alexander & Co.

Dan Alexander & Co. is an international branding firm that specializes in innovation strategy and identity design, headquartered in Paris and Tel Aviv.

Our creatives house is led by founder and strategist Dan Alexander, an award-winning designer and thought leader.

For over two decades, Dan Alexander’s insight has propelled forward entrepreneurs and high-end companies in many industries. He has developed a virtuosity that caters to a wide spectrum of clients, from museums, artists, and performers, to retailers, high-tech companies, and social organizations. A futuristic at heart, he builds brands that have an impactful market presence, by delivering the dynamic value of humanism wrapped in the semiotics of the future. He uses design as a public platform for lending a voice to key social issues.

The wide variety of brands that Dan Alexander has created and consulted have become mythic brands, with a lasting legacy. Their strong brand identity continues to position them as leaders that retain a powerful market presence for the long run.

Dan Alexander’s collaborations with opinion leaders and creatives worldwide are aimed at challenging conventions and reinventing practices. One of his greatest passions is to serve as Chief Editor and book designer, viewing books as an excellent format for spreading ideas.

We focus on projects that bring about a new social order, by applying insightful creativity that intercepts technology, philosophy, and design.

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