About Dan Alexander + Co.

Dan Alexander + Co. is an international creatives house that specializes in innovation strategy and identity design. We associate frequencies from technology to intercept philosophy and build brands that are socially impactful, using design as a powerful tool for voicing global issues.

We operate out of Paris, New York and southwest France, led by founder and strategist Dan Alexander, an award-winning designer and thought leader, alongside philosopher of science Anna Ravitzki.
Our firm collaborates with opinion leaders and trailblazing creatives worldwide who are aimed at challenging conventions and reinventing practices.

With a strong orientation towards transformative technologies and a steadfast commitment to humanism, our flagship initiatives include Vtool, a chip verification firm, and Château Cramirat, an 800-year-old Templar landmark. These entities encapsulate the unique vantage point that we keep applying to ground cutting-edge innovation in humanistic values.

Dan Alexander + co. focuses on projects that bring about a new social order, applying insightful creativity that intercepts technology, philosophy, and design.


דן אלכסנדר שאטו קרמירה
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