Iconix is a cosmeceutical company that offers a family of multi-benefit skincare essentials, amplifying every step of the beauty regime in a deeply impactful experience for both skin and soul.

Dan Alexander & Co. rebranded Iconix by emphasizing the strong positive tension line between a fleeting moment and the everlasting, the everyday and the sublime. We immersed Iconix in Yves Klein’s blue, to suggest an eternal space beyond the temporal dimensions of shape and time. This deep blue hue was contrasted with the classic symbol of science and health – the snake. Re-energized by this profound pairing, Iconx was reborn.

The visual language that we created around the brand’s typography, anchors the brand messages of “multi-benefit” and “smart ritual”. We defined the brand’s new perception that draws heavily from philosophy, innovation, and design, to show that even in such a saturated industry, a beauty brand can communicate intelligence and imagination.

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