Rituel is an offshoot brand of the famous Parisian bakery Du Pain et des Idées, ranked one of the top ten bakeries in the world, and run by renowned master boulanger Christophe Vasseur.

Dan Alexander &Co. shaped the concept of this new Tokyo-based brand, and formulated the strategy for the entire initiative. We focused on molding a unified identity stretching between Paris and Tokyo, based on the timeless ritualist work of the baker, which is the same anywhere. Rituel folds together all that is French and everything that is Japanese, hence the name – Rituel, drawing parallels between French rituals of elegance and Japanese time-honored customs.

In a unique collaborated that we initiated with Japanese artist Mitsushige Nishiwaki, we dotted the distinct visual language with his unique illustrations. Our founder, Dan Alexander, was also active in the interior design process of the Tokyo bakery, together with French architectural group Atelier Giguet, overseeing that the brand’s essence will be expressed in the bakery’s design.

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