Seafoodpedia is a complete guide to fish and seafood, filled with recipes, dishes, and savory seaside stories. It is the winner of two top prizes by Gourmand International Cookbook Awards, 2013 Best in the World and 2015 Best of the Best.

This book is dedicated to the geography of the seas and the mythology of marine cuisine. It charters the high tides’ relationship with the elite kitchen, culminating in the Mul Yam story – a fantasy, a voyage of the select few inspired by the sirens of the sea and their song. It is the first Israeli book to be accepted and honored by the prestigious Gourmand competition.

Dan Alexander & Co. designed the book out of a deep commitment to the ancient ways of the sea, and all that rises fresh and lush on the foam of the waves, brought ashore, and served on a plate. He worked closely with photographer Clay Mclachlan in France, shooting at the brink of dawn on the shores of Normandy and Bretagne, in busy Paris markets, and also in Israel, at Mul Yam’s kitchen in the port of Tel Aviv.

We crafted the book to reflect the Michelin-star legacy of Mul Yam. It is designed for the elite cuisine enthusiasts, tourists of the high foods, and all fish lovers, serving them as a culinary guide in the form of an encyclopedia, conveying the culture of the sea, its markets, and many savory dishes.

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