Terminal X

Terminal X is Israel’s pioneering multi-brand e-commerce platform, offering real-time fashion from global brands by bringing the best from the world of fashion with free next-day delivery. The brand also includes a private label.

Dan Alexander & Co. defined the strategy and the entire space for this transformative brand. We fixed its narrative on an axis crossing between quick information retrieval and immediate physical realization. Inspired by the dynamics of mass transport, the brand draws on the language of aviation to represent global connectivity and rapid access. Our work infused this flexibility and beat into the brand’s textual tempo, with its typography and message terminology delivered over the imagery of immense airport terminals.

We developed a visual language based on information that is constantly shifting, hinting at our fast-paced ever-changing world. Yet the shapes are solid, repetitive, and stripped clean of any complication. The power of the brand’s distinct typography is amplified over a black and white color palette, to signify basic, contrast, and directness.

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