Wissotzky Tea Company is a global family-owned tea company based in Israel. It was founded in 1849 in Moscow, and soon became the largest tea manufacturer in the world.

Dan Alexander and Co. collaborated with the Wissotzky Tea Company on three milestone projects, which included the company’s Wissotzky Tea House, its Life Collection tea series, and its premium Gold Life tea series.

For the tea blends, we developed a visual language that borrows its unique style from the tea bush and its leaves, carefully collected in plantations worldwide. It is influenced by the company’s attachment to the soil and seasons, and the careful choice of leaves infused into the company’s premium blends.

We brought togther the legendary tales and special magic so of the world’s tea traditions, designing symbols in the spirit of ancient Japanese family crests.

For the Wissotzky Tea House, our work focused on positioning it as the flagship Wissotzky store. Our visual language inspires a tea-boutique style, signifying the end-destination of a journey, a mythical voyage across the seas to bringing teas from far-off lands.

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