We are vocal about key social isuues, and use design like a language to create change. Our creative collaborations with oppinion leaders and global brands is aimed at challenging conventions, to reinvent the way people perceive humanity and take part in social life.

On the Hummus Route

Once upon a time…

On the Hummus Route / a utopian journey between cities, people, and dreams.

The Hummus Book

When I first met Karim
Karim told me, “As a child in Lebanon, an Israeli soldier made me stand facing a wall as he shot a bullet in the air, just like that, for nothing, and now here you are, in my home…”

Our Hummus Book Hits the News

On the Hummus Route
A Journey Between Cities, People, and Dreams
“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

On The Hummus Route

We are overjoyed to announce our new book is now out!
On The Hummus Route is a groundbreaking collection of recipes, stories, essays, street photography, imagery, and much more, brought to you by people who love chickpeas and, like us, see it as the seed of a brighter future.


Amsterdam was our latest star
Chasing in the footsteps of pioneering philosopher Spinoza and breakthrough designer Piet Zwart.

Featured in – “Architectural Logos”

Very honoured to be included in the new book
“Architectural Logos – A handbook of architectural marks of identity” that was compiled and edited by Counter-Print.

Vtool, Čačak New Office

Inspiring work with Vtool
Today we were part of a momentous event that merges technology with community in the city of Čačak, Serbia.

Novum Magazine Features Dan Alexander

We are honored to have been selected by novum
One of the world’s leading and most influential magazines on all things design, to be showcased in their 11/18 issue.

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