We are vocal about key social isuues, and use design like a language to create change. Our creative collaborations with oppinion leaders and global brands is aimed at challenging conventions, to reinvent the way people perceive humanity and take part in social life.

Design Blog – Jožka Baruch

Jožka Baruch was a Czech designer whose artistic influence on the world of graphic design cannot be understated. His uniquely inventive style was primarily inspired

design blog dan alexander

Design Blog – Elisabeth Friedländer

20th-century German designer Elisabeth Friedländer specialized in calligraphy, typography, and bookwork. Her talent and merit were already apparent when she was still a student of

Design Blog – Paul Rand

One of most influential and inspirational 20th-centuryAmerican graphic designers is Paul Rand, who is mostly known for his logo designs made for major American corporations

Design Dan Alexander for Sweet Fantasy Brothers

Here’s the scoop! Dan Alexander for SFB

The Cinderella story of two brothers who wanted to help their single mother, now leading Sweet Fantasy Brothers (SFB), a global manufacturer of ready-to-use products

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