Aïd Moubarak Saïd

It tells of a gold-hearted sultan who treated the entire village to a royal feast, once every year in Eid al Fitr.
Among the countless beverages and dishes set before his guests, he served a rice and lamb stew speckled with chickpeas. Inside this dish, the sultan would hide one chickpea made of pure gold. The guest that found this lucky grain in their serving was crowned the winner, and lavishly rewarded with riches and treasures for life.
On our part, the blessing that this chickpea of pure gold has bestowed on us, is the very privilege of enriching our lives with magical moments of gold, when our hearts beat together as one. Within the folds of our book, we too have sprinkled many golden grains to be discovered by each of our readers, hoping to enrich their life with dreams and flavors forever.
Aïd Moubarak Saïd, On the Hummus Route, between people, holidays, and golden moments of happiness.

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