Château Cramirat Collection

From our Château Cramirat collection, we proudly present these beautiful book covers by American designer Alvin Lustig for the New Classics series by New Directions.

Alvin Lustig is our hero. He pioneered modern American design and is one of the most iconic and influential designers of mid-20th-century books, book covers, and posters. We’ve been fortunate to get our hands on several of his book covers, starting from the earliest days of our collection at Château Cramirat.

The Château Cramirat Collection is a treasure trove of art and design housed in a 12th-century Templar landmark in the Valley of Mankind, Périgord, France.

Dan Alexander collection Avin lustig
Dan Alexander Alvin Lustig

Patchen, Kenneth; Lustig, Alvin (dust jacket). Kenneth Patchen Selected Poems. CT: New Directions, 1957.

Forester, E. M.; Lustig, Alvin (dust jacket). The Longest Journey. CT: New Directions, 1922.

Dan Alexander Alvin Lustig
Dan Alexander Alvin Lustig

Lawrence, D. H.; Lustig, Alvin (dust jacket). The Man Who Died. NY: New Directions, 1950.

Flaubert, Gustave; Lustig, Alvin (dust jacket). Three Tales. NY: New Directions, 1944.

Dan Alexander Alvin Lustig

Joyce, James; Lustig, Alvin (dust jacket). Exiles. NY: New Directions, 1947.

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