Château Cramirat is listed for Fondation du Patrimoine crowdfunding

We are honored that our 800-year-old Château Cramirat was chosen by Fondation du Patrimoine, the highest French heritage association, to be listed as an important historical and architectural landmark that calls for the mobilization of public and private support.

The official French authorities have been our long-time partner on the chateau’s intensive restoration journey, which we initiated last year. This ancient Templar masterpiece was built in the 12th century in the Valley of Mankind, to serve as the chief commandery and seat of the order’s grandmaster in Périgord.

For more than eight centuries since, it has impacted the local community by setting new standards for welfare and humanistic innovation. To continue the age-old legacy of the place, Château Cramirat is led by the philosopher of science Anna Ravitzki and designer Dan Alexander, who are steadfast in their commitment to bringing forward-thinking advancements in technology, art, and science from this special location.

Now, the château is part of the French heritage crowdfunding program, standing out as an ancient treasure, rare in its historical significance and architectural magnitude.

We invite our followers and friends to join Fondation du Patrimoine crowdfunding, and be part of an exciting moment in the lasting legacy of Château Cramirat.

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