Hot n’ Spicy, from Gaza to the Super Bowl

We know you’re still raving about Shakira and J-Lo’s hip-shaking, pole-dancing, history-twirling performance (so are we) that was a big, BIG win for diversity and immigrants – a community that’s ferocious, smart, and always hoping to build a new society that is egalitarian and inclusive.

And then there was that grabbing ad during the Super Bowl commercial break, for hummus – all the way from ancient Egypt through Gaza markets and into the very heart of the American dream, with one hot n’ spicy dish served by “Sabra” – a company that’s identified with Israel. A hummus ad on prime-time TV is a great sign, but we have to get the facts straight on this particular dish – it comes from Gaza, Palestine.

Just like Palestinian refugees are deprived of the basic right to return to their indigenous homeland, Latin immigrants are denied their basic rights at the U.S.A border in the Trump administration era. We stand in solidarity with refugees and immigrants worldwide, and strive for an equal society in a world without borders, shared in this humanistic journey of ours between people, cities, and dreams. Hola Miami!

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