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Independent Publisher honoured us with a beautiful article on this independent journey of ours. Thank you!

“The book succeeds on many levels, as an art book, cookbook, and cultural/historical study. Quite amazing, actually, for such a simple concept to develop into a major publishing event.

“A set of carefully planned graphic grids was developed to streamline a coherent flow between the book’s recipes, essays, anecdotes, and imagery, staying true to the authenticity of each hummus capital.

“Alexander: “For us, design is a language for communicating key messages about the community in which we live. We apply design as an impactful tool for bringing about social change. It carries an accurate definition in substance, echoing messages of optimism and positivity that aspire to mobilize change and offer the horizon of a new social space, because, in the end of it all, it’s all about humanity.””

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