Lives matter

That’s me at age of four, Next to me is Gilat, who was the wildest girl ever. We’ve been best friends for years. Many years later, while I went to a design academy in Jerusalem, she became ultra-religious-jewish and entered an all-girls orthodox school, also in Jerusalem. In this eternal city, I lost her forever. She got married, had lots of kids, and lives happily ever since. Or not.
We found this pic working on the new website for our studio, thinking about everything we do in this fascinating process, of identity definition, of dreams getting designed, trying to define our lives, turning life into matter, mending it in right shape and form, but the same questions persist – can an identity lose itself, would it change shape, does it rely on the past or is it actually that of the future? Who defines it – is it our own definition, or our environment’s? Is it shaped by a community? Can it be changed? Does a dream chase you, or it needs to be chased? how do we turn matter to fact, and facts into matter?

We thank everyone who joined us on this amazing journey, especially our dear friends/clients/designers, and also to this wild and creative girl called Gilat, whom I shared so many dreams with, long time ago.

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