Novum Magazine Features Dan Alexander

We are honored to have been selected by novum, one of the world’s leading and most influential magazines on all things design, to be showcased in their 11/18 issue.

The article features diverse projects led by Dan Alexander, exploring the strategic and creative vision that define his designs. We invite you to read their thoughts on the work that we do at the studio.

Making dreams come true
Text by Bettina Schulz

Dan Alexander launched his design studio in 2000 with great enthusiasm and a plan that was all his own. Today a six-strong team is at work in the two branches, Paris and Tel Aviv, to realize his dreams, and more …

“We are creating an architecture in various dimensions designed to have regard for humans, attuned to the needs of individuals and their dreams, for we all have dreams,” asserts Dan Alexander, whose studio has already been awarded numerous international prizes. A salient example is his book Seafoodpedia, winner of the highly prestigious Gourmand International Cookbook Award. The award is further evidence of how closely this designer interweaves his creative talents with the other passions in his life – design becomes the vehicle that best communicates passions to the outside world.

“We intercept frequencies from technology, philosophy, and design to create a radically better reality that reinvents the future.”

“Ultimately, a brand is a model deriving from the relationship between a human being and his or her surroundings. When we set about creating the space in which an abstract idea can become a reality, we take account of all the parameters that make up human beings – culture, income, taste and so on.”

This approach enables the creative team to identify for its clients, no matter how diverse, the imagery that must be invoked if they are to position themselves successfully. “Our role involves scoping out the client’s own imaginative resources, then translating that content for the outside world.”

For Dan Alexander, reduction is an indispensable element of design method – he reduces the idea of a brand to a memorable graphic, clear visual language, and expressive typography: “In a world of Big Data, simplicity is becoming ever more vital. So we concentrate on essentials and use our tools to build a ‘community of equals’ and send out messages that will benefit humanity.”

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