Our First Lady Claudia Roden

Dreams do come true ❤ The ultimate candidate for our Cairo chapter, is Claudia Roden. 

Her Majesty, the Mother Queen and leading lady of Jewish cuisine, with dozens of books about how food transforms from place to place and from people to people. The stories of her family’s wandering is the story of us all, carrying treasured recipes for generations, from Allepo in Syria and Cairo in Egypt, to Paris and London – Claudia Roden was our dream candidate for the book. But how would we contact her? 🙄 Would she join us?
Yes we can! 💪 Via email, we invited her, and waited, and prayed, and hoped, and then one day an email hit our Inbox: “It’s Claudia Roden, and in such a wonderful, onetime journey I will gladly take part!” …
Dreams do come true 👸 and in our book, Claudia Roden goes back to her childhood days in French Cairo of the 1950s. We thank her warmly, honored that the leading lady, the queen of the wandering kitchen, is traveling with us on this journey forever, between dreams and women who are larger than life.

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