Join Us to Time Travel – Château Cramirat

A philosopher and a designer bring back to life a particle accelerator in the heart of a 12th-century Templar château, in the Valley of Mankind.

We just launched the second stage of our renovations at Château Cramirat, our 800-year-old Templar masterpiece in Périgord, southwest France. It’s where technology, philosophy, art, and design converge to revive ancient humanistic ideas that boost society forward.

The next few months will focus on restoring the château’s original façade and on fortifying its walls, including the reinstallation of several large windows, some of which were built from scratch according to the original blueprints from centuries ago. The ancient roof will be upgraded, replacing its massive wooden beams in a way that retains its unique structure shaped like a ship’s hull.

We thank our partners on this journey of restoration, who inspire us every day to safeguard the historical heritage and architectural legacy of the place. The official French authorities, ABF (Architecte des Bâtiment de France), DRAC (Direction régionale des affaires culturelles), The Ministry of Culture, and the Office of the Mayor of Sergeac, are working with us continuously to bring back the château’s old charm, wrapped in a new futuristic glow.

Château Cramirat is led by the philosopher of science Anna Ravitzki and designer Dan Alexander, both committed to ensuring our 800-year-old landmark brings forward-thinking advancements in technology, art, and science, here, in this special time machine that traces the footsteps of humanity in the Valley of Mankind.

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