The Ravens are back at Château Cramirat

Black ravens always perch around ancient castles and other mystical places. In Games of Thrones, these birds were omens and messengers. Now, the ravens are back at Château Cramirat.

We’ve just renovated six beautiful stone corbels, called ‘corbeua’ in French, meaning ‘raven’ for their beak-like shape. Centuries ago, they were built into our front façade to carry the weight of a battlement that hung above the main archway leading into the compound.

Birds still perch up there, checking in on things from our façade as if calling on us to restore our rare architectural gem to stand strong for another 800 years.

As the château’s restoration continues in partnership with our long-time collaborators, the Fondation du Patrimoine and Ministère de la Culture, we are renovating the façade using original 12th-century designs as our blueprints.

Château Cramirat is led by the philosopher of science Anna Ravitzki and designer Dan Alexander, who are steadfast in their commitment to bring forward-thinking advancements in technology, art, and science from this special location.

Facing forward, the best is yet to come.

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1 Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander
3 Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander
3 Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander
3 Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander
2 Chateau Cramirat Dan Alexander
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