The UN in Pita: Our book, ‘On the Hummus Route’, is showcased at the UN

We are so honored! Our book ‘On the Hummus Route’ has reached the United Nations, calling for world peace and a new social order in the Middle East.
The book will now be showcased in the UN’s celebrations of this year’s International Day of Peace, held September 21. The event will take place at Alfred Nobel House in Sweden, marking the first day of the UN’s General Assembly.
‘On the Hummus Route’, which calls for a new social order and equality in the Middle East, gains even stronger meaning now, with the world facing a global pandemic and the widening social crisis brought about by it. This year, the UN’s peace celebrations will focus on ecology, sustainability, and world peace, and the exhibition in which the book takes part is organized by Gourmand Awards and Hallbars Sustainability Research Institute.
International Day of Peace is marked every year on September 21, dedicated to promoting worldwide peace and the elimination of war and violence. The event’s organizers chose ‘On the Hummus Route’ to inspire this year’s celebratory theme of recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world. The book’s utopian idea and first-of-its-kind collaboration involving Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptian, and Israelis continues to make headlines and interest major global organizations that operate towards equality and the safeguarding of humanity, nature, and the planet.

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