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Wallpaper Magazine

Chic Peas: New Art Cookbook Charts a History of Hummus
Wallpaper Magazine: On the Hummus Route offers a fascinating insight into the design, food, and culture of the Middle East

Living Now Book Awards

Winner of the Gold Medal at the Living Now Book Awards
Forbes: Pilot Wave, the new production company formed by Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano for which by Dan Alexadner created the name, logo and visual language.

ITV Channel 13

Fashion Statements
The Israeli Museum commissioned Dan Alexander to create a book for its famous exhibition surveying a century of fashion in Israel. For this special occasion, Dan Created one book printed in three different covers.

Atlas Obscura

Around the Middle East in Hummus and Falafel
Atlas Obscura reports that the new book On the Hummus Route is an ode to chickpeas and the people that love them.

Channel TV France 24

Hummus: A Middle Eastern dish with an identity crisis
France 24 in an exclusive interview with Dan Alexander about his work as Chief Editor, book designer, and co-author of On the Hummus Route.

Tablet Magazine

The Hummus Bible
Tablet Magazine explores On the Hummus Route, the new coffee table book that takes readers on the trail of the magical chickpea, across the Middle East.

ITV Chanel 12 Mako

The Venture Uniting Chefs from Across the Middle East
The Venture Uniting Chefs from Across the Middle East.

Sand Magazine

The Hummus Route
Sand Magazine brings Dan Alexander’s article from his latest publication On the Hummus Route.

Novum Magazine

Making Dreams Come True
Novum Magazine intervidews Dan Alexancder about top projects, including the latest new kids fashion brand Celinununu, founded by Celine Dion and Nunununu, created by Dan Alexander and Co.

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