Set your dream in stone.
New brand strategy and identity system by Dan Alexander + Co. for Caesarstone, the world’s kitchen countertop giant.

Just like the mythological king whose love for a perfect stone statue turned it into his beautiful queen, Caesarstone’s new brand identity breathes life into stone.

Every artwork begins with a blank rectangle.

“To create an immediate visual identifier for the brand, the new identity introduces the ‘Caesarstone Rectangle’, a distinct visual grid developed to associate Caesarstone with one simplified shape that symbolizes the brand’s product and its promise. Like a frame that focuses our gaze around a clear piece of reality, the ‘Caesarstone Rectangle’ is strong alone as a single instance and also powerful multiplied into a repeated pattern.”

The Caesarstone blank rectangle is where every journey starts.

Going beyond the materiality of the stone.

“To crystallize the brand vision and motto, the new identity system exposes the special brand spirit that is folded within each slab, transforming the countertop from an inanimate still-life stone into a surface that receives a personality. It has character.”

Life in Stone.

Natural raw materials transformed into innovative surfaces.

“Transforming the worksurface into a workspace. To expand the significance of the countertop in every home, the new brand identity exposes the fact that Caesarstone countertops are the bedrock and basis for life, imbued with a special brand essence that sparks interaction and inspires creativity around them.”

Caesarstone takes a piece of the earth and brings it into the home.

Whitelight Collection: A journey between the real and the surreal.

“Meeting the moment with a collection concept that explores a new dimension, inside, where everyone is spending time now, more than ever. The art direction and creative were driven by a bespoke mix of influences, ranging from classical photographic practices to advanced digital innovation.”

It’s a sign of our times wrapped in an image of hope from the future.

Telling a new narrative of purpose.

“It’s about product and purpose. The new brand identity tells a fresh story about Caesarstone that goes beyond the slab, using distinct content worlds developed specifically to expand the brand’s inspirational sources and bring the product qualities forward while grounding them in the brand’s core purpose.”

Caesarstone takes a grain of sand, and turns it into your favourite countertop, safe, durable, and timelessly beautiful.

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