CELINUNUNU is a kidswear brand by Céline Dion and nununu, who unite in one voice: Fashion has the power to shape people’s minds.The brand inspires children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

The brand’s dialogue between clothes and creativity amplifies the public discussion about a humanistic education, which is gender-free, giving the spirit space to grow. CELINUNUNU lets children find their own true essence, liberating them from stereotypes and norms. Everything is possible, equally.

We believe that fashion builds concepts deep within our minds, and took this opportunity to invent a brand that drives transformation, spreading a humanistic positivity that extends beyond clothes. By focusing the brand on a shared agenda of equality, he fused the two iconic forces of the brand despite their disparities – elegant and larger than life Céline Dion, and minimalistic kids fashion brand nununu. Together, CELINUNUNU frees children from the dichotomy of ‘blue for boys / pink for girls’, so that young people can find their own power of personality.

Dan Alexander & Co. devised the brand strategy and identity, gave the name CELINUNUNU, and designed the brand’s entire visual perception, pinning the plus as the symbol and logo of the brand.

The logotype signifies the powerful meeting point between the two extraordinary life-forces behind this partnership, and carries them both as one. The minimalist black/white color palette conveys a balanced polarity, while also hinting at the universality of an unspoken language that unites people worldwide.

The ‘blue for boys, pink for girls’ dichotomy is enforced from day one, and progresses into gender inequality
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