Château Cramirat

Chateau Cramirat, by philosopher Anna Ravitzki and designer Dan Alexander, is a tech-innovation lab, global design studio, art hub, publication house, and business-hospitality site. We operate out of a 12th-century Templar building of historical magnitude, located in the Valley of Mankind, Southwest France.

Here, we intercept technology, philosophy, and design.

In this UNESCO World Heritage Site, our work revives the transformative heritage of a thousand years back, to reinvent the future a thousand years forward.

Our futuristic journey involves high-profile visionaries that focus on creating global impact, breathing new life into a long legacy of leadership in this location.
In a unique collaboration that involves global businesses, the local community, and official French authorities, Chateau Cramirat will be restored and renovated to become an innovation think-tank.

Our Lab and Studio are already operating as groundbreaking workspaces for global visionaries to intersect between technology, philosophy, and design. Alongside them are our Le Galerie art hub, publication house, and business-hospitality site.
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