Pilot Wave

Pilot Wave Motion Pictures is a production company that produces powerful storytelling, to create momentum in TV and film. The company brings the perspectives and experiences of unique people, to guide new themes in society with stories that inspire and ignite the imagination. Founded by Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano, Pilot Wave believes in cinematic creativity for growing a new sense of belief in the drama of mankind.

Dan Alexander & Co. defined the brand strategy, name, logo, and visual language of this new production company. Inspired by quantum physics, the name Pilot Wave carries a personal significance for founders Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano, reflecting their company’s commitment and what it is here to do. We focused the brand’s mission on recharging people with respect towards their own role in life, empowering their personal narrative within the fabric of the community

The custom-made typeface that we designed is full of movement, but at once also stabilized suddenly by the solid star that sits at the top right. This star has just slashed through the typeface, leaving a horizontal distortion line that runs across the logo, from inside out, like the refraction of light through glass. Pilot Wave is like a prism here, capturing the storyline as it moves through the medium and projected outwards to spark the heart of any onlooker.

Our animated logo opens every motion picture and production
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