Our projects position brands for an impactful market presence, and have garnered much media attention. We have been featured by top global outlets, and founder Dan Alexander has been interviewed extensively to discuss his humanistic approach and how he applies design as a public platform that lends a voice to key social issues.

ITV Chanel 12 Mako

The Venture Uniting Chefs from Across the Middle East
The Venture Uniting Chefs from Across the Middle East.

Sand Magazine

The Hummus Route
Sand Magazine brings Dan Alexander’s article from his latest publication On the Hummus Route.

Novum Magazine

Making Dreams Come True
Novum Magazine intervidews Dan Alexancder about top projects, including the latest new kids fashion brand Celinununu, founded by Celine Dion and Nunununu, created by Dan Alexander and Co.

CBS News

CBS News
CBS News report about Seafoodpedia’s grand win at the prestegios Gourmand Cookbook Award

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