Dan Alexander talks about winning the Gourmand Best Book of the Year, and about wildelife in Périgord

KAN 11 TV: Designer, Chief Editor, and strategist Dan Alexander talks with KAN 11 TV about winning the Gourmand Best Book of the Year, and about wildelife in Périgord. 

“We discovered that hummus has become a symbol, and a very meaningful one at that, especially in the Middle East where it’s one of the most explosive topics in food. And when it comes to food, people get very possessive… So instead we decided to explore this symbol of hummus around its significance to culture and humanity,” says Dan Alexander, Chief Editor and designer of the book On the Hummus Route, in a special interview with KAN 11.

KAN 11 (Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation) praised the book for winning the prestigious Gourmand Cookbook Awards, and connected with Dan Alexander in Périgord during the Covid-19 stay-at-home quarantine.

“To create the book we set off on a journey, and along the way we had to face some pretty vicious viruses no less threatening than the one raging right now – hatred, oppression… But the book is here to offer a new social order, and this message is amplified by the reality we’re all engulfed in today… On the Hummus Route actually calls for the covenant of mutual responsibility… The book’s unprecedented collaboration, between more than 30 contributors from so many backgrounds, proves that anything is possible.”

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