Ess Press Die Gastrozeitung aus Berlin

Wunderbar! Thank you, Ess Press Die Gastrozeitung aus Berlin.
Thank you Ess Press Berlin, Germany’s largest gastro newspaper, for joining our journey and starting-off your article about On the Hummus Route with a quote from one of the book’s highlights – the essay ‘Angles in Gaza’, by philosopher Anna-Marie Ravitzki who calls for a new social order:

“The dialectics and the search are not about who owns hummus but rather about you and I. It is a direct appeal to the other, with an affinity that eliminates all separateness, because both you and I have already eaten from the forbidden fruit and are now in dialogue where each of us grants the other this ethical claim for the right to exist, to equality, and to love.” (Angles in Gaza, Anna-Marie Ravitzki, P. 93)
Join us, On the Hummus Route, We met by hummus, and are united by love. 

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