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Novum Magazine intervidews Dan Alexancder about top projects, including the latest new kids fashion brand Celinununu, founded by Celine Dion and Nunununu, created by Dan Alexander and Co.

Novum Magazine, one of the world’s most influential design magazines, interviewed Dan Alexander about his work methods and perspectives on strategy and identity creation. Novum also showcased several projects, led by Dan, including Celinununu, the fashion for kids brand created for Celine Dion and nununu.

Dan Alexander led the strategy of this unpredictable collaboration between the two – Celine, with her iconic mega-star glam persona, and nununu, the fashion brand for kids that are rough and tough. Celinununu

For Dan Alexander, reduction is an indispensable element of design method – he reduces the idea of a brand to a memorable graphic, clear visual language, and expressive typography: “In a world of Big Data, simplicity is becoming ever more vital. So we concentrate on essentials and use our tools to build a ‘community of equals’ and send out messages that will benefit humanity.”

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