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The prestigious design magazine Sand published Dan Alexander’s article, which appeared in our latest publication, On the Hummus Route.

As Chief Editor of the book, Dan wrote about the excitement of teaming up with so many amazing people from diverse backgrounds, forming the unexpected lineup of renowned professionals who collaborated on the book. There were many discoveries made along the hummus route, which runs across nine Middle Eastern cities, from Cairo to Damascus through Gaza, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Acre, and Beirut. One example is the fable about a gold-hearted sultan who would hide one chickpea made of pure gold in his guests’ plate, and the guest that found this lucky grain was lavishly rewarded with riches for life.

“On our part, the blessing that this chickpea of pure gold has bestowed on us, is the very privilege of enriching our lives with magical moments of gold, when our hearts beat together as one. Within the folds of this book, we too have sprinkled many golden grains to be discovered by each of our readers, hoping to enrich their life with dreams and flavors forever,” says Dan Alexander.

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