Yippee! We won the IPPY!

IPPY, the Independent Publisher Book Awards, honors On the Hummus Route with the Gold medal. The book was recognized for going beyond the confines of traditional publishing, to bring its bold message that calls for a new social order.

As Chief Editors of this lavish volume that spans 408 pages, we were determined not to cut any parts out,  despite the recommendation of leading publication houses that it was too big to be commercial. We wanted the profound message of the book and its humanistic vision to be communicated fully, and published it independently.

The IPPY Awards reward those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world, and it recognizes excellence in independent publishing. The IPPY celebrates those “who aren’t afraid of change and that’s why their wonderful, heartfelt, and inspired writing and publishing is so worthy of our award.”

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