On the Hummus Route

On the Hummus Route is a utopian journey between cities, people, and dreams, culminating in a groundbreaking collection of recipes, essays, stories, street photography, illustrations, and more about the world’s golden grain – chickpea. This lavish art book / cookbook has won numerous international accolades, including Gourmand Best Book of the Year in All Categories and Best Book for Peace, as well as an IPPY Gold Medal.

Year: 2016 – 2019
Publication: Magica
Pages: 408
Karim Haidar, Caludia Roden, Sami Tamimi, David Loftus, and many more

A Palestinian, a Lebanese, and an Israeli walk into a bar… This is not the beginning of a joke. It is the start of a true story, about how we met in a Parisian bar and set out on a utopian journey between cities, people, and dreams.

Traveling the streets and alleyways of nine Middle Eastern hummus hubs, from Cairo all the way to Damascus via Gaza, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Acre, and Beirut, we explored how the chickpea has sustained a synthesis of influences that transcend place and time.

Our hummus route culminated in this cookbook, which is a collection of recipes, stories, essays, street photography, imagery, and much more, brought to you by people who love chickpeas and, like us, see it as the seed of a brighter future.

This book is a unique collaboration involving prominent figures in the world of cuisine, joined by academics, photographers, and creatives. It speaks volumes about dipping into the language of food, and savoring the flavors of friendship and shared destiny.

In this book especially, design was used for communicating key messages about the community in which we live. It carries an accurate definition in substance, echoing messages of optimism and positivity that aspire to mobilize change.

In an international collaboration led out of Paris by Chief Editor and book designer Dan Alexander, this book is brought to you by people who love chickpeas and, like us, see it as the seed of a brighter future.

Contributors / Writers
Dan Alexander, Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, Yosef Baballah, Dr. On Barak, Prof. Liora Gvion, Karim Haidar, Joudie Kalla, Areen Abu-Hamid Kurdi, Itzik Luzon, Farouk Mardam-Bey, Mohammad Orfali, Orly Peli-Bronshtein, Anna-Marie Ravitzki, Claudia Roden, Ariel Rosenthal, Hind Tahboub, Sami Tamimi.

Contributors / Illustrators and Photographers
Anonymous from Syria, Mohammed Asad, Felipe Romero Beltrán, Josh Berer, Yaron Brener, Dr. Yahya Diwer, David Loftus, Felix Lupa, Karim Mostafa, Eilon Paz, Shai Peri, Photo Elia, Avi S. Ravitzki, Nimrod Saunders, Brandon Tauszik.


Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Best Book of the Year in All Categories and Best Book for Peace
Living Now Book Awards, Gold Medal
Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY), Gold Medal
International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), First Place

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