Dan Alexander & Co. specializes in innovation strategy and identity design. We associate frequencies from technology to intercept philosophy, and transport our clients into their next-frontier identity with a brand design that is set for constant change.

Social impact is our key focus in every project, creating an identity that is positively impactful by using design to voice out messages that mobilize a better humanity.



Every artwork begins with a blank rectangle. The new brand identity system for the world’s kitchen countertop giant, Caesarstone, places it within the framework of an immediate visual identifier, telling a whole new story beyond the materiality of the stone.

Les Mots et le Ciel

When Karim Haidar told us he wants to open a new place in Paris, a place that would remind him of Beirut, especially now with the world turning upside down, a place where people can meet, a place for food and books and dreams, we immediately suggested calling it “Les Mots et le Ciel” (Les Mots et le Ciel / The Words and the Sky), to remind us all that’s what connects everyone, words and sky, between Paris and Beirut, between Fairuz and Marcel Proust.

On the Hummus Route

On the Hummus Route is a utopian journey between cities, people, and dreams, culminating in a groundbreaking collection of recipes, essays, stories, street photography, illustrations, and more about the world’s golden grain – chickpea. It is the winner of two top prizes from the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards, 2020 Best Book in the World and 2020 Best Book for Peace.


CELINUNUNU is a kidswear brand by Céline Dion and nununu, who unite in one voice: Fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. The brand inspires children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

Pilot Wave

Pilot Wave Motion Pictures is a production company that produces powerful storytelling, to create momentum in TV and film. The company brings the perspectives and experiences of unique people, to guide new themes in society with stories that inspire and ignite the imagination. Founded by Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano, Pilot Wave believes in cinematic creativity for growing a new sense of belief in the drama of mankind.


Rituel is an offshoot brand of the famous Parisian bakery Du Pain et des Idées, ranked one of the top ten bakeries in the world, and run by renowned master boulanger Christophe Vasseur.

Fashion Statements

Fashion Statements is a book that explores a century of dress in Israel. This cultural-sociological document traces the development of local fashion, from the late 19th-century’s indigenous pre-Zionist times, through the early decades of the state where the opposing forces of Europeanism and Orientalism converged, to the current place that Israeli creativity holds in today’s global fashion scene.


Iconix is a cosmeceutical company that offers a family of multi-benefit skincare essentials, amplifying every step of the beauty regime in a deeply impactful experience for both skin and soul.

Terminal X

Terminal X is Israel’s pioneering multi-brand e-commerce platform, offering real-time fashion from global brands by bringing the best from the world of fashion with free next-day delivery. The brand also includes a private label.


Seafoodpedia is a complete guide to fish and seafood, filled with recipes, dishes, and savory seaside stories. It is the winner of two top prizes by Gourmand International Cookbook Awards, 2013 Best in the World and 2015 Best of the Best.

Via Bridges

ViaBridges creates lasting pathways that join worlds together. Offering the full scope of civil engineering services, it balances engineering excellence with a strong touch of beauty. 


Vtool is a verification EDA company and an established ASIC design house. It answers to the ever-increasing need for faster, more reliable ASIC and FPGA development cycles, by offering cutting-edge development services and its disruptive debug solution Cogita.


Paris Peace Forum 2020

For us, design and food are powerful tools for propelling forward social change. We are honored to be part of the Paris Peace Forum, where passionate people are paving a new way for the world.

La Forêt du Néant

La Forêt du Néantat is the latest work by artist Avi S. Ravitzki, showcased in his latest exhibition at Galerie des Patriarches, Paris.


Wissotzky Tea Company is a global family-owned tea company based in Israel. It was founded in 1849 in Moscow, and soon became the largest tea manufacturer in the world.


Shahal (SHL) is a local emergency telemedicine company with a global outreach.

Rothschild 22

Rothschild 22 is a unique real-estate project comprising a residential tower and an upscale business complex, located in the heart of the most important commercial and cultural trajectory in Israel – Rothschild Blvd.

Local Kitchen

Local Kitchen is the new cuisine at one of Israel’s most presetegious venues, Ronit Farm. Led by Chef Ron Ben Dori, it specializes in chef feasts, serving great food made from nature’s seasonal bounty and the farm’s home-grown produce.

The Fancy Color Diamond Book and Pricing Architecture

The Fancy Color Diamonds Book, and its sequel The Fancy-Color Diamond – The Pricing Architecture, present a breakthrough methodology for evaluating colored diamonds. Each book is the first-of-its-kind practical tool in the field, and an accurate, updated pricing system. Filled with the formulas of an advanced, systemized, pricing methodology, the books honor all those involved in creating these gems.


The Porter School of Environmental Studies (PSES) at Tel Aviv University is Israel’s first academic institution that is entirely dedicated to the discipline of environmental studies.

Park Bavli

Park Bavli is an upbeat residential park in Tel Aviv. It celebrates environmental-friendly architecture alongside the natural beauty of the park‘s setting.


Laline is one of Israel’s biggest chains of personal care products for body, bath, and home lifestyle.


Legami, which literally means Bond, is a trailblazing rough diamond jewelry company. It sets pure untouched rocks within the company’s timeless knot designs, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that represent how real connections tie together forever in an unbreakable bond.


Epistema is an Israeli developer of AI tools for knowledge collection and analytics. It revives the power of the human dialog and the communication between analysts, as an alternative to data facts that computers independently output. Epistema offers a new perception for a future dialectic multilogue, enabling the individual a new way of thinking.


Cérémonie is a tea brand that specializes in a range of infusion blends, offered in its signature mini-cube package.


Refining brand strategy and redefining the brand hierarchy for Castro, the leading fashion house in Israel.


Floralis is a home-design brand, offering a wide colleciton of quality products that inspire style and personal expression, for work environments and the home.


Brut is one of Tel Aviv’s finest wine bars and cuisines, led by Chef Yair Yosefi and Omer Ben Gal, an ongoing celebration and examination of terroirs, its physical landscape, raw materials, culture, communities, and even conflicts.

Assaf Rozio

Assaf Rozio is Tel Aviv’s real-estate star, the go-to-guy for top properties and lucrative returns on investments in the city. His agency ranks one of the top on the market, and represents the most innovative projects in the city.


Individual Cabinet de Parfums is the new concept store that reinvents the art of chooseing a scent, led by perfume connoisseur Guy Schestowitz. Located in Tel Aviv’s scenic Neve Tzedek neighborhood, it specializes in perfume products, and joins growing global trend for bespoke scented products and artisanal perfumes.


Kukuriku is the hottest new restaurant brought to you by acclaimed Chef Ran Shmueli, serving savvy dished sizzled directly on a flaming fire wall.

Du Pain et des Idées

Du Pain et des Idées is a famous Parisian artisan bakery led by renowned boulanger Christophe Vasseur, who keeps traditional methods alive. Enjoying universal acclaim, it is rated one of the top boulangeries in the world.



Zvika Kantor, Hotel, Tel Aviv Musem of Art, Tel Aviv.


Avi S. Ravitzki and Uri Tzaig, Dualitas, Argos Argos Center for Audiovisual Arts, Brussels.


Mellanox is an Israeli-American multinational supplier of computer networking products, who launched the initiative Generation of Open Ethernet.


Itzhak Livne, Astonishment, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.


Elba is a restaurant by Chef Yair Yosefi, combining French culinary sophistication with Israeli freshness.

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is Israel’s official symphony orchestra. It marked its 70th anniversary in a celebratory publication.


Yoji is a boutique meat and delicatessen shop, catering to the refined tastes of high-end culinary lovers.


Sweetch is a scalable, cost effective Artificial Intelligence platform for prediction, prevention, management and outcome improvement of chronic conditions.


Hilan is Israel’s leading application service provider for human resources.


Butai is a cosmetics brand that applies cutting edge nanotechnology to create 100% all-natural products.


Insight is a revolutionary test-based genetic profiling system.


Nir Hod, Forever, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.

Good Deeds Day

Good Deeds Day is a global celebration of doing good deed for teh benefit of others, initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison.


Plasson is an Israeli-based global brand, a leading name in the international plastics industry.


Gil Marco Shani, Friendship, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv.

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