Assaf Rozio

Assaf Rozio is Tel Aviv’s real-estate star, the go-to-guy for top properties and lucrative returns on investments in the city. His agency ranks one of the top on the market, and represents the most innovative projects in the city.

Our mission at Dan Alexander was to create a personalized brand for Assaf Rozio, letting his outstanding persona shine. he minute he stepped into our studio, we fell in love with him and wanted his captivating charisma to burst out through the brand perception.

We felt this could reshuffle the cards of the entire local real-estate industry, and better correlate between the city’s prime real-estate assets, and the visual perception of the real-estate market in general.

The strategic process brought us far into diverse content worlds, eventually focusing on self-made men, tailor-made solutions, and key person stories.

Our visual language was driven by the themes of city street lighting, urban geometry, and Assaf Rozio’s playful personality. His extraordinary skill, rooted in his family’s values and heritage, inspired us to create the brand’s seal of excellence symbolism, drawing from ancient family crests, domestic traditions, and the fast-paced dynamic beat of Tel Aviv.

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