Local Kitchen

Local Kitchen – Ronit Farm & Kitchen is the new cuisine at one of Israel’s most presetegious venues, Ronit Farm. Led by Chef Ron Ben Dori, it specializes in chef feasts, serving great food made from nature’s seasonal bounty and the farm’s home-grown produce.

Local Kitchen brings together time and space, people and flavors, dreams and unforgettable moments that Ronit Farm so well creates.

At Dan Alexander & Co., we were inspired by M.F.K Fisher’s words, “First we eat. Then we do everything else.” She pioneered the modern way of writing about food, and we were spellbound by her thoughts and books that inspired us when our long-time friends at Ronit Farm asked us to help define their new in-house kitchen.

We developed the perception and strategy, and creating the visual language expressed in all branded items and the kitchen’s website. 

From farm to studio, we crafted a cheerful and elegant illustrative identity, and offered a photographic language that will continue to be used for all brand products, realized by photographer Dan Perez and stylist Rotem Nir.

Eat, drink, and be merry.

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